• Dayly, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Reports

Welcome to PLC Reports!

PLC Reports is a powerful reporting system for industrial production processes, plants and machines.

Besides a computer with PLC Reports and an Ethernet connection, no additional software or hardware components are required to communicate with PLCs.

Download the free demo version or take a look at the example applications:
Data Logger and Data Archiving
Trending and Trend Reports
Reports in Excel and PDF Format
Data Tables
Consumption Reports
Batch Reports
Daily Reports, Weekly Reports, Monthly Reports, Annual Reports
Key Quality Indicators

The configuration of reports and the graphic design are done directly in Microsoft Excel. When creating a report, the template file is copied, filled with data and stored in the output directory with an appropriate time stamp.

The report configuration follows simple steps:
• Definition of the PLCs to read data from
• Creation and design of a report definition file
• Report settings
• Definition of the variables to be read from the PLCs
• Definition of archives for storage of historical tag values
• Definition of the reporting functionality in the form of a clear-text instruction list
• Definition of the report time scheduling.

Version 2016 supports native reporting from Siemens S7 control systems data. Data connections to other PLC brands, e.g. Rockwell Allen Bradley, are supported through OPC or SQL.