PLC Reports User Manual

6. Application Window

6.1. Window Functions

6.1.1. Minimize

PLC Reports is designed to run as a background application after the configuration is completed. For this reason, when clicking the minimize button Minimize the application window is being minimized into the so-call „System-Tray“. If minimized, System Tray applications are represented as small icons on the Windows Task Bar.

If PLC Reports runs in production mode, its application window cannot be closed but only minimized. By clicking the application symbol in the system tray, the application window will be restored to its original size.

6.1.2. Keeping the Window on Top

By clicking the button Pin on the window frame, the application window will always be kept on top. This function is helpful e.g. while parallel working with report definition files.

6.2. Navigation

NavigationBar ENThe navigation is located on the left side of the application window. By clicking the links, the current display can be changed into one of the following views:

    • Home
      Starting and stopping the reporting System
      License and activation
      Report-template management
    • Application Settings
      Application language selection
      Simulation mode activation
      Directory settings
    • 1. PLCs
      Definition and validation of PLCs
    • 2. Report File
      Opening, editing and validation of report templates
    • 3. Settings
      Adjustment of report template settings
    • 4. Variables
      Definition and validation of variables
    • 5. Archives
      Definition and validation of archives
    • 6. Instructions
      Definition and validation of instructions
    • 7. Scheduling
      Definition and validation of report-start times

6.3. Message List

The message list shows information and error messages. It is located in the footer area of the application window. Messages include date, time, category and message text as well as detailed information about the message origin. Messages can be sorted alphabetically by clicking the respective column header. They can also be filtered by entering one or multiple filter criteria.

Important messages will additionally be logged into a csv-file. By default this file is stored in the Public Documents folder, subfolder PLC Reports\Messages\Year\Month. Storage locations can be adjusted in the application settings tab.
Messages EN