PLC Reports User Manual

5.6. Licensing

PLC Reports is protected against unlicensed usage and copying. The full functionality can only be used with a valid license.

5.6.1. License Terms Reference

Please read carefully the license agreement and the general terms and conditions displayed during the installation. After installation, the documents can also be reviewed in the Public Documents folder, subfolder “PLC Reports\License Agreement”.

PLC Reports is protected against unlicensed usage. To use PLC Reports in its full functionality, installed licenses are needed. If no license is found during the program startup, PLC Reports operates in demo mode.

The usage of PLC Reports in a process environment is not permitted without a valid license.

5.6.2. Demo Mode

Without a valid license, PLC Reports runs in demo mode. There is a free 15 days trial period after which a valid license must be installed for further usage.